Where have you been?! Vegas of course!

Ok, so not Vegas to party…but Vegas for the largest photography convention in the country…over 14,000 photographers came this year! Ok, ok, so I went to a few parties too…but they were for photographers only 😉

I’ll admit when I stepped off the plane and took a taxi to the MGM Grand I thought the buzz of Vegas was pretty cool. I arrived in at close to midnight on a Friday night and when I stepped out of the taxi, retrieved my bright orange suitcase (I know, I know, my friends tried to talk me out of that one, but come on! I happen to like orange!) and walked into the hotel lobby I immediately knew Vegas was not for me. Scantly dressed women, cigarette smoke, drinking….But who cares? I wasn’t there for Vegas, I was there for WPPI 2010! So I wheeled my bright orange lug to the counter to check in. I must have looked really bad and tired because the guy behind the counter gave me sympathetic eyes and then said he was giving me a complimentary upgrade to a one bedroom suite! Ok, I guess Vegas isn’t THAT bad 😉

The next morning classes began! WPPI attracts the top photographers from all around the world to come and speak and give classes. I attended about 4-5 classes a day! Talk about exhausting! I decided I wasn’t going to lug around my camera all week so instead I only used my little point and shoot Canon camera. Here are a couple of the speakers I got to listen and learn from. I have about 10 notepads filled with notes, so trust – I learned! WPPI 2010

Along with classes and speakers there is a MASS-ive trade show. I’ve never been to a trade show, but this was amazing! I got so many great ideas for new product offerings for my clients! WPPI 2010

I met soooo many amazing photographers in Vegas, it was head spinning! I went knowing no one – and almost everyone I knew thought I was insane! This 4’11” girl is going to fly across the country by herself?? For real?? Yes for real, it’s one way I’ll push myself to meet new people! I ate lunch with people I met in line while ordering my lunch, walked down the Vegas strip with people I sat next to in class and went to dinner and parties with people I met on twitter. I mean how cool is that? I’m glad I went alone, but that doesn’t mean I wont have a roommate and friends next year at WPPI!

So here’s some fun things I did in Vegas….

slots!….PENNY slots to be clear…Vegas took $2 from me!!!
Vegas slots

tasted coke products from around the world…let me tell you this was very interesting…let’s just say if you go to Italy DONT drink the Beverly…
world of coke

and finally…just some pictures from around Vegas!
las vegas

Watch out for a blog post coming later with a free picture to download for a background image on your computer!

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